About Us

Our Mission

Hi Honey Farm is local Hawaiian honey and pollination company passionate about honeybee education and supporting our ohana and community.

All of our ecotours and services allow you to immerse yourself in the sweet world of bees. Our raw and organic honey is harvested from our own hives across Hawaii and packed in North Shore, Oahu.

Join us in our mission to save the bees and our ʻāina they support.

Our History

Hi Honey Farm was founded over 8 years ago on the North Shore of Oahu by Stanislav, who spent his childhood summers in Russia tending to bees with his grandfather. After spotting a wild beehive while hiking behind his home in Hawaii, Stanislav's dream of owning a hive became a reality. With perfect natural conditions for bees, including a nearby water source and plenty of wild fruit, Hi Honey Farm was born. Today, our passion for beekeeping continues to grow, and we're proud to share our honey and hive products with the world.

Raw Honey on North Shore Oahu

At Hi Honey Farm, we're passionate about harvesting local raw honey straight from the hive. Unlike pasteurized honey, which is heated and filtered, our honey is never pasteurized or filtered, preserving all the beneficial enzymes and pollen intact. Our honey is produced by the busiest bees working year-round on the North Shore of Oahu, and packaged right here on our farm. Enjoy the rich, natural flavor and health benefits of our raw honey.

Save the Bees

At Hi Honey Farm, we're committed to protecting bees and their vital role in our ecosystem. The decline in bee populations is a concerning global issue, and we believe in raising awareness about the importance of beekeeping and preserving habitats for these essential pollinators. We recognize the impact that losing bees could have on our planet and food supply, and we're dedicated to doing our part to protect these precious insects. Join us in our mission to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and the bees that call it home.