Starts at $250

1. Please provide our beekeeper with information about your bees in need.

2. Based on the information provided, urgency, location, and needs — we will contact you as soon as possible to give you an timing and estimate on pricing.

Details to Include

• Location address

• Where at the address are the bees located?

• How high are the bees?

• When did you first notice the honey bees?

• Preferred date and time for evalutation.

Who We Service

  • Residential Homes

    Inside your walls, under your deck, in your trees, old tires in the backyard?

  • Corporations & Small Businesses

    Do you see bees outside your business or seem to think they are creeping on your property?

  • Farms

    Have a few bees that aren't yours? Or see a swarm in a tree? Call us.