Host a Hive

Hi Honey Farm's 'Host a Hive' program is an exciting opportunity for people and landowners to support their local ecosystem and enjoy the sweet rewards of honeybees.

With this program, you can pay to have an experienced beekeeper bring honeybee hives to your property, maintain them, and provide you with raw, local honey during harvesting season.

By opting in to 'Host a Hive', you'll be doing your part to help save the bees. Honeybees are under threat from habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change, and hosting a hive is one way to support their survival.

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Why Host a Hive?

  • Pollination Services

    Increase your crop yield! No matter what your farm is producing there's no doubt that bees would be a wonderful addition. We've seen nearly 30% increase in fruit production on the farms we've hosted our hives on.

  • Raw Local Honey

    There's no better place to get raw honey than in your own backyard. The benefits are beyond anything you could imagine! Once you start living with bees you'll never want to live another way.

  • Save the Bees

    There's no better way to save the bees than to host them! This program is beneficial from a personal perspective as well as a community and conservation effort.

Cost & Details

2023 Host a Hive Program

• (1) one year agreement 

• 1 hive @ $650

• 6 hive minumum

Total = $7800/year

Beekeeper Responsible for:
• Hive Placement & Maintenance
• Monthly Inspections
• Hive Treatments as Needed
• Bee Yard Upkeep
• Harvesting of Honey
• Delivery of 200-300lbs of Raw Honey to Host