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Matcha Honey

Matcha Honey

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Organic matcha is mixed into our raw wildflower honey, this blend is a creamy, green fantasy with unique green tea notes.

Simply mix into hot water for a mild sweet tea, or drizzle onto vanilla ice cream. Some have on top of pancakes or even incorporated it into the batter.

Matcha is the result of stone grounding green tea leaves into a fine powder. In Japanese culture, this powder is added to hot water to create tea instead of infusing tea leaves. Matcha is also used in the preparation of traditional Japanese desserts and is now infused in cocktails and lattes.

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Authentic Raw Hawaiian Honey

Our Authentic Raw Hawaiian Honey is a truly special treat that captures the unique flavor of the Hawaiian Islands. Our honey is ethically sourced from our own hives, which are located in some of the most pristine and biodiverse areas of Hawaii.