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Ohia Lehua Honey

Ohia Lehua Honey

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Our raw Ohia Lehua Hawaiian honey comes from the Big Island and has a delicate, distinct flavor and spreadable texture. 

It's made from the nectar of the Ohi’a Lehua flower, a native Hawaiian flower that grows over old lava. The Ohi’a Lehua is the official flower of the Big Island of Hawaii, making this honey truly a taste of the Island of Hawaii.

The nectar from Lehua blossoms produces a beautiful honey with a smooth, creamy consistency and pearly white color. 

Perfect for sweetening beverages, cooking or simply scooping directly out of the jar.

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Authentic Raw Hawaiian Honey

Our Authentic Raw Hawaiian Honey is a truly special treat that captures the unique flavor of the Hawaiian Islands. Our honey is ethically sourced from our own hives, which are located in some of the most pristine and biodiverse areas of Hawaii.